Region 7 News

June 2018:  The Region 7 rally season is in full swing. The North Dakota Peace Garden unit has a rally scheduled for June, July and August. Wisconsin has the Cherry Picking Rally in July, the 1800s Lake Superior Frontier History Rally in August. They also have a caravan in June to the Salem International Rally. I will also be leading a tag-along caravan to Salem. The Minnesota Tech Rally, in conjunction with the Airstream Park in Clear Lake MN, will be held in July.

The plans for the International Rally are really shaping up. The musical acts are diverse and will be very entertaining. Don Thomson has the Region 7 rally ready to go.

You can get more info on all of these events, and others, by going to the WBCCI calendar.

This will be the last of theses articles for me to write. I have to thank a number of people. The first is my wife Kathy. She has kept me to task for the last couple of years. Dick Hedquist who handled the check book for me and Bob Manak for all the web work as well as the other committee folks. The Region VPs, Don Thomson and Jane Carmichael, have been up to any task I have asked them to take on. The Region will be in good hands. (We will have an open position starting July.) The last people to thank are all the Region 7 presidents that preceded me. I owe them for blazing a trail and giving guidance.

Accepting the Region 7 position has given us the opportunity to meet and become friends with many, many folks from around the USA and Canada. It was also gratifying to work with these folks to help craft the future direction of the WBCCI. It was a great experience that I will always remember.

Which brings me to the famous line……. Parting is such sweet sorrow.

As Always…Travel Safe ……………..and thanks

Pete Yanke

Soon to be Region 7 Immediate Past President.