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Latest issue of the Prairie Rose now available

The July-August issue of our unit newsletter has been released and is available for download.  In this issue are a report and photos from the 51th International Rally at Bozeman, along with rally information for the upcoming Stump Lake Picnic Rally, which will be held July 25-27, 2008. To view and dowload, click Prairie Rose Newsletter – July/August 2008

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July 2nd in Bozeman

The day was pretty laid back.  We met our good friends, the Carlsens from Regina, Saskatchewan; a fried of theirs is planning an official caravan to the 2009 International Rally in Madison and wanted some inputs on what might be interesting places to visit along their route.  We met with the South Dakota Unit at the John Bozeman Bistro in Bozeman’s historic downtown for their luncheon.  President John and Bobbi Tetzlaff and their granddaughters hosted the luncheon.  Attending were Myrtle and Don Bell from Texas, R7 2VP Joan and Mike Lahr from Wisconsin Past R7 First Lady Annette Hooker.  The food was a little pricy, but it was very good and I wasn’t able to eat it all, which says volumns, as many of you know. 

 In the afternoon, we took a drive up into the mountains south of here, to Hayalite Reservoir.  The mountain streams feeding this dammed lake are still running high and the level is putting water over the spillway.  Nice and cool up there, where we did get to points over 7,000 feet.  It must be a very popular location so close to Bozeman, as you were never very far from someone.

Last night, the evening’s entertainment was the Ringling Five singers, a group of eight local ranchers who sing cowboy songs. We saw this group at the Host Fest and they were promoting this October’s events.

We are hitching up this moring and pulling out.  Temperature for the 4th of July in Bozeman are forecast to be in the upper 90’s.  We don’t have air here.  Time to giddyup and move along.

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Unit Publications Contest Results

Just retrieved our unit directory and newsletter from the Unit Publications Contest.  North Dakota will bring home the Best in Show trophy for our newsletter, the Prairie Rose.  At first I could not find our directory, but then found it in an envelope under the newsletters.  Our directory had a little note attached to it that read “Sorry this was misplaced & not judged”.  Wisconsin’s excellent directory had the same little note on it, too. 

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Happy Canada Day! Bozeman – July 1

We were invited to celebrate Canada Day with the Canadian delegation for breakfast this morning.  It was just a sea of red and white attire under the Montana State University stadium bleachers, it appears everyone got the memo.  Check your schedules for Labor Day weekend – If you don’t already have plans, the Hands Across the Border Rally hosted by the Montana and Alberta-Saskatchewan units is being held this year in Havre, MT.  We had a GREAT time several years ago at Estevan.

Today the weather is supposed to be a little cooler, but chance of severe thunderstorms later on – it got up to 94 degrees yesterday.  Might have to take a drive up into the mountains later on, now that the serious business of the rally is done for us, anyway.  And we haven’t done any shopping yet – need to pencil that in, too.  Wait, I take that back – we’ve made two visits now to the Airstream store, so that counts.

Yeaaaaaa! They’re here!  It’s garbage pick up day today- It’s been quite warm here, you know, and we are the trailer closest to, and immediately downwind to the dumpster.

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