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Yep, we’re still here…

Listening to the forecast tonight, our good neighbors to the northwest are sending us another lovely clipper to chill off the landscape for the next week.  Visited the Tradewind in storage over the weekend; “George” doesn’t have a sofa – it’s long gone.  We have been kicking around ideas about its replacement – has to be worked around this whoppin’ big water tank Larry wants to put in – we’ll see.  Found some plans for a gaucho on the web, and my dad’s ’72 Sovereign has one that I recovered years ago, so that is likely the plan.  Plans.  Not much else one can do for the next six weeks, I guess.  Went around to the various RV dealers last weekend as they were all having open houses to compete with the RV & Boat Show at the Civic Center.   Call us picky, but we still prefer Airstream – none to be seen though.  They all had the same brand of hotdogs, but Capital RV had root beer, so they were the ever so slight winner.  CR

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