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Updates Forthcoming!

Well, boys and girls, that was fun.  While you may not have noticed much on the surface, our Unit webpage underwent some drastic overhauls to the software while we weren’t looking.  After taking multiple steps backwards, I am starting to gain some forward momentum again.  We have our Calendar of Events back in 2012, current Unit Officers in the listing, all issues of the Prairie Rose Newsletters reattached, and the 2012 Goals are there.  As I figure out what else needs updating, you can check back on my progress.  Software seems a little more user-friendly – at least have figured out where are the fatal deletes before I really wreck something.

COMING SOON!  Watch here for the full scoop on the Hands of Peace Restoration Project.  Gail Harrower and her Committee has been hard at work nailing down the details and will be sharing all their informtion soon.

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