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A little late, but it’s here.

Well, isn’t Windows 8 ever so much FUN!  GRrrrrrrr!  I have finally been able (I think) to get this new computer set up far enough to get a piece of paper out of the printer, and now I aspire to have an actual post onto our website, without spending a half day and having to  go outside to calm down in the middle of the process.

In this issue of the  Prairie Rose Newsletter April-May 2014 you will find details on the upcoming schedule for May and June.  Next week kicks off the Rally Season in Casselton for the Spring Luncheon and meeting.  Thereafter, it will adjourn to a good old fashion campout and so well-needed relaxation.  To view or download the newsletter, click the above link.  Hope to see you in Casselton!

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