Unit Goals

2020 Unit Goals

  1. Recruiting new members to the club.  Keeping our eyes open for Airstream and Argosy trailers as we travel around the state, and to contact the owners as soon as possible with information about our club and activities.  Find new sources for locating Airstream/Argosy owners in North Dakota and how to contact them.  Having handy and using the recruiting materials found in the Unit Directory.
  2.  We need to retain our valuable members by striving to:  Make sure our activities can accommodate those members who no longer have Airstreams; Providing and supporting children’s activities when aware that children will be attending the rallies;  Streamline rally activities so as to increase enjoyment for all and reduce the workload for the organizers;  Add more time for relaxation at rallies.
  3. Increase visibility and communications.  Support and use the unit website.  Use e-mail as much as possible to reduce mailing costs.
  4. Fiscal and operational considerations.  Establish a unit budget that is practical and realistic.  With the rising travel expenses, keeping our rally fees and costs as low as possible, per the Unit Constitution and Bylaws.

In summary, our goals strive to improve the high quality of the North Dakota Peace Garden Unit and work to ensure a strong future for the Club.